I often dreamt of imitating a scene that I once saw on a credit card commercial, a candle lit dining table on a secluded beach with fresh food - guess what I did that for every night over a four night period on the pristine...
Gautam Singh
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Chichian-Mathrehar Road, Chichian Nagari, Palampur, HP


This wood and slate house with deep verandahs and welcoming rooms is a true labour of love. Built using local materials and design, it is situated in an open valley, amid acres of rice and wheat fields, and watched over by the majestic Dhauladhar mountain range.

Each room has large windows from where the view changes from season to season, day to day, hour to hour. During the monsoons, the shimmering green of newly sprouting rice is reflected in the water in which they are planted. Spring brings rippling fields of golden wheat, ready to be harvested. For most of the year, the mountains are luminous white, the snow shining where it is lit by the sun. The mountains disappear on cloudy days, just peeking now and then through the mist, only to appear in their full grandeur, almost magically, after a downpour. In the evenings one can actually listen to the sounds of silence, magnified by chirping of crickets and cicadas, and watch fireflies dance against the backdrop of a clear, starlit sky.

Quick Facts

How To Reach
  • Direct daily Flights from Delhi to Dharamsala on Kingfisher Red and then a 50 minute Drive·
  • Trains from all over India to Pathankot/ Chakki Bank and then a 3 hour taxi ride.
  • By Road from Delhi a distance of 520 kms

Distances from Seclude
  • To Palampur - 12 kms
  • To Dharamshala - 25 kms
  • To Mcleaodganj - 35 kms

Way to go from Delhi

Delhi Chandigarh Ropar Anandpur Sahib Nangal Una Chintpurni Jwalaji Kangra Nagrota Nagari (Seclude)

Best route from Delhi to Seclude in terms of road conditions:

Delhi Ambala Banur kharad Hoshiyarpur Gagret Chintpurni Ranital Kangra Nagrota Nagari (Seclude)

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