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    Chartered accountant by day and a dreamer in his free time, Rohit Sethi loves travelling and authentic stories. In his search for a quiet getaway he journeyed far and wide seeking out places and experiences that the globe has to offer. Quiet holiday rentals, tucked away in hidden corners of the world, made him happy. What made him happy, he reasoned, would make others happy too. He decided to act on it and in 2009 gave the idea its first concrete form at Chechya-Nagri, near Palampur in Himachal Pradesh, India. Family and friends were delighted, other travellers followed suit.

    Since then he has added many other unique places to the Seclude portfolio. Each of the properties in – Palampur, Ramgarh, Mussoorie, Lansdowne, Kasauli, Goa and Delhi – combine craft workmanship with unique interior design combined with modern technology. No two places are alike. Each is special, and each seemlessly embraces its natural surroundings and local culture. Seclude cares for environment and local populace. The homestays it offers exemplify this by sourcing produce from neighbouring markets, exploring local cusines and employing local talent.