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    This small cantonment town in Himachal Pradesh dropped off the map with the construction of Kalka-Shimla highway. But its charming panoramic views of the Himalayas ensured that many famous people made it their summer home. Not far from here is the Devine Valley (Dochi village, Solan) where a three-storey Seclude cottage with five distinctly designed rooms offers privacy and wonderful environs for a happy and luxurious vacation.

    Rooms & Suites

    Moon Shadow

    Morning Has Broken

    Starry Starry Nights

    My Secret Garden

    Rocky Mountain High


    Outdoor Sitting Area

    Playground and Garden


    Seclude Explore

    The world is an oyster. You can have anything you want, if you know where to find it. Allow yourself to expand and nurture your curiosity. It’s never too late to learn something new and have fun. From walks in the wild, to boating, beach hopping to making cheese, baking bread, tasting local cuisine or driving through neghbourhoods, we aim to connect you to life – with its infinite possibilities and magic.