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About Us

Seclude homes are located in utterly peaceful, natural surroundings. They are ideal breaks away from the noise, stress and pollution of city life. Whether you enjoy long walks and mountain drives, or prefer to swim in the ocean and bask on a quiet beach, Seclude has an ideal destination for you. We can provide the perfect place for you to experience and understand the true meaning of quiet – to read, meditate, or just gather your thoughts, or spend that long-needed quality time with family and friends.

What makes Seclude special is that these homes were built by Rohit Sethi for his own use in areas that he fell in love with during his travels around India. Using natural building materials of the region and local labour, Rohit built dream homes where his family could spend time away from the city. He then decided to extend the invitation to anyone who loves nature and is looking for a quiet vacation. Since they were built for private use, there is a reassuring personal touch in all the Seclude homes, along with a high standard of comfort, cleanliness and service.

The mission of Seclude is

a. To provide guests with an unforgettable experience at Seclude
b. To ensure that all Seclude properties are immaculately clean and well maintained
c. To have a happy, efficient team working together in unison and harmony