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    14 km off Lansdowne in the village of Umri Khal is a cottage surrounded by ancient oak trees that’s waiting for you. In 2016, Lansdowne was voted as the best upcoming hill station in a poll conducted by a leading Indian travel magazine. Hidden for many decades from the tourist, this is a place that’s yet to be truly discovered and loved. And we want you to be a part of that discovery.

    Rooms & Suites

    The Reading Room

    The Writehouse Apartment

    Wordsmith Room


    Common Area

    Indoor Sitting Area


    Seclude Explore

    The world is an oyster. You can have anything you want, if you know where to find it. Allow yourself to expand and nurture your curiosity. It’s never too late to learn something new and have fun. From walks in the wild, to boating, beach hopping to making cheese, baking bread, tasting local cuisine or driving through neghbourhoods, we aim to connect you to life – with its infinite possibilities and magic.